The Doctor Dog Foundation’s starting point is that people are social beings and that each human being searches for equilibrium and harmony in their lives.
Not every one finds themselves at the same point in their development or has the same capabilities. The Doctor Dog Foundation supports people on their path towards growth and evolvement. We recognise the discovery of the autonomous self to be an essential part for growth and evolvement.
By creating a safe environment which allows for experimenting and making mistakes the opportunity arises to find one’s own autonomy. In doing so it is not forgotten that society makes demands on individuals and a balance must be found between an individual’s and society’s interests. 

The relationship between man and dog is a unique one.
Although both are very different they have a good sense for each other and are capable of living harmoniously side by side.
Dogs too are social beings that go all out to achieve equilibrium with their environment. This relationship is based on reciprocity. Dogs receive food, shelter and love and in exchange they are protective and loyal towards man.
In the search for balance between self-interest and society’s interests dogs can function as an ideal role model.
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