The use of dogs as teachers and therapists aids in the spotting of blockages and barriers that would otherwise remain undetected. The result being a more complete procedure that allows for deeper-lying problems to be tackled.

In addition working with dogs offers other advantages: 
  Dogs are friendly and cuddly. This creates a safe environment in which the
    participants are more open and get more in touch with themselves.   
  Dogs need care. This activates the participants’ sense of responsibility and
    keeps the focus from being unilaterally on the participants themselves. 
  Dogs need guidance. Through this participants discover their assertiveness
    and leading abilities
  Dogs are loyal and neither condemn nor judge. This makes the participants
    more at ease faster and arises an atmosphere of trust. 

For every participant a personalised programme is developed.
Besides theoretical knowledge, exercises are to be accomplished and the participant may be assigned a dog for a limited period for which he or she will
be responsible.
The evaluation of these activities will provide insight in the participant’s own behaviour as well as the dog’s.
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