In the Western world dogs are an essential part of society. Dogs are looked on as company, friend and family member.
In none-western cultures the relationship with dogs is often very different.
In these cultures they are used for defence and as guard dogs, for hunting, as food or they are just stray dogs only posing a nuisance.
As a result of this different relationship dogs are often seen as unclean, dangerous or unreliable in these none-western cultures. When migrants arrive in their new countries they are confronted with a world full of dogs.

Especially for those with a fear of dogs this is an aggravating situation.
They often perceive the situation in their new country as unsafe.
According to psychologist Maslow a sense of safety is an essential necessity of life, only preceded by other necessities such as food, drink, oxygen and sleep.  
People with a fear of dogs experience this as fear of a immediate threat.
Fear causes the body to make stress hormones which define the anxiety.
Fear has the body produce stress hormones that determine the unwelcome feeling. Fear of dogs is very inconvenient especially because they are ever-present in the streets.

Doctor Dog offers lessons for people with the aid of our own dogs.
Through examples people are taught how to approach dogs and how definitely
not to. Lessons are available to groups as well as individuals.
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