Occasionally it happens children have had an nasty experience with a dog or their environment has instilled a fear of dogs in them.

Fear of dogs is very unpleasant. Especially because there are so many dogs on the streets. Fear causes the body to make stress hormones which define the anxiety. Those hormones bring on palpitations, bowel cramps, high blood pressure, transpiration and hastened respiration. In short a very unwelcome experience mainly because the fear’s cause is omnipresent.

Oftentimes the fear of dogs is based on a lack of or incorrect knowledge of dogs. By reacting the wrong way children evoke the dogs’ behaviour which, in turn, aggravates the situation. The correct information can remove a great part of the anxiety. In addition, there is a need for learning how (not) to react to dogs.

Step by step Doctor Dog teaches children how a dog thinks, feels, acts and why it sometimes reacts the way it does. Also taught is how to get the dog to ignore you and how to use one’s own body language to keep the dog at a distance.
If necessary immediate contact to the dog will be addressed.
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