We offer on-the-job training projects, help with (re)integration into Dutch culture, offer educational programmes for both children and adults and we have a special course for adults and children suffering from fear of dogs.
Doctor Dog offers courses to schools, Dutch Agencies for the Reintegration of the Disabled Workforce and municipalities, to individuals as well as to groups:

•  Education on dogs (what kind of animal is a dog, how do they live and what
   can we people learn from them).
•  Education on the handling of dogs (how to be honest towards dogs in handling
them and what definitely not to do).
•  Anxiety therapy (how do dogs think and how to act when you’re afraid).
•  Culture and dog (how do dogs integrate in different cultures and how do people
  interact with them).

The Doctor Dog foundation focuses on the following target groups:
•  Children (7-12).
•  People with fear.
•  People from various cultures who want to learn to deal with the animal that
    is ever-present in western streets.
•  The Elderly.
•  People in official, Dutch reintegration projects for the disabled workforce.
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