In Western countries dogs are widely accepted as pets. They are abundantly present in the streets. Not every one though is equally fond of dogs.
Some people feel dogs are mostly a nuisance (barking and defecating in the streets), others are fearful of dogs on account of experiences or stories.
Not every person knows how dogs think or what motivates them and how they can best be approached. The Doctor Dog Foundation organises courses for people who want to learn more about the interaction with dogs.

These course are, for instance, applicable in the following situations: 
  You're considering purchasing your first dog but don't know what to expect.
  There are dogs in you neighbourhood but you have little knowledge of them.
  You're afraid of dogs and want to know how best to approach them.
  You're afraid of dogs and have children but don't want to pass this fear
on to your children.
  Just because ...

We teach how a dog thinks and acts, how to approach them and how to build  good relationships with them. The Doctor Dog Foundation uses its own dogs during the courses. Through exercises and examples it will be explained how a dog should be approached in various situations.
Courses are offered to groups as well as to individuals.
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