Sometimes adults have had (an) unpleasant experience(s) with dogs or their environment, or cultural background has instilled a fear of dogs in them.

Fear of dogs is always  disagreeable, especially because dogs are seen in the streets a lot. Fear has the body to produce stress hormones that determine the unwelcome feeling. Those hormones cause palpitations, intestinal cramps, high blood pressure and an accelerated respiration. In short a very unpleasant experience especially when the cause of these feelings is ever-present. 

Often the fear of dogs is based on a lack of or incorrect knowledge of dogs.
By reacting the wrong way people evoke a dog’s behaviour which, in turn, aggravates the situation. The correct information can remove a great part of the anxiety. In addition, there is a need for learning how (not) to react to dogs.

Step by step Doctor Dog teaches people how a dog thinks, feels, acts and why
they sometimes react the way they do. Also the participants are taught how to
get a dog to ignore them and how to use their own body language to keep a
dog at a distance. If necessary immediate contact with dogs will be addressed.
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